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A Quick Thank you to Pepperidge Farm Management


Dear Pepperidge Farm Management

Thank you for the opportunity to run the Zollingers Pallet Project this year. The experience was an invaluable way for me to sharpen my leadership skills.

I learned a few management lessons during this project worth mentioning.  First and foremost was the overriding priority of details.  I managed 46 employees (full-time,part-time,temp.). Each employee had a separate but equally-essential function.  I quickly embraced the importance of a detail-oriented workday and hang the success of the project on this lesson.

I also learned how to play the hand I was dealt for the day.  Every day I gained some temps and lost others.  Each had unique situations to manage.  Some temps were multi-taskers, others (quite literally) could perform one action before becoming confused, and still others spent the entire day begging for validation.  Playing to the employees’ strengths allowed me to place people in positions that produced the best results for the line.
Dropping the hammer was another lesson I got plenty of practice with.  For example, I caught people trying to hide product, trying to disappear into the warehouse, and taping their retractable knives open.  I was constantly orbiting the production area and seldom made it all the way around without correcting at least one situation.

Lastly I learned the importance of relying on experience.  Janis, Steve, Dan, Luana, and J.T. have had so much experience with the pallet project.   Any questions I had they could instantly answer.

I am getting too long-winded here, but I wanted to thank you again for this experience.  It was hard work but intensely rewarding.

Thanks again

Todd Hamann



  1. January 3, 2013 at 2:32 am

    I agree completely! Pepperidge farm management has done such a great job! I’ve enjoyed their splendid cookies for most of my life!

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