DDS Board Revamp

The new DDS board is in its third week of line testing. It is scheduled to be completed by November 2012.

The daily reporting board (DDS Board)  used by the cracker lines  has been in need of an overhaul for some time.  I have been tasked with  revamping the entire reporting process to align with the needs of administration.  I have recruited a team and we are taking a slow, steady, thorough approach to create a system that provides administration with crucial information while also giving the machine operators an easy, quick and convenient board to fill out at the end of their shifts.

The new DDS reporting system is in its third week of the testing phase.  It is being received quite positively.  The board project will be wrapped up before November 2012.

Mixing Room Redesign

A laminator operator scaling the vertical to clear catch pans. A safe platform is currently under construction

Redesigning the platforms, staircases, and traffic patterns of the cracker mixing/laminating area to make it safe and more ergonomically correct.  Historically, laminator operators had to climb 3 feet up the side of the laminator vertical dough drop and reach over their heads with one hand to pull out two dough scrap pans.  This was a major safety risk and ergonomically unsound.

Two staircases and hand-railed platforms that will allow the operators to safely stand high enough to pull the pans with a significant safety reduction.  The operators will not have to reach over their heads.  We worked with outside contractors to fabricate the design and had the design and associated cost approved by Administration, Plant Services and Maintenance.

The stairs and platforms are under construction and will be installed soon.

Cookie Depositor Platform

New platform currently in use.

A cookie depositor had a series of platforms stacked under it that were ‘floating’ platforms.  The operator would have to kick the platforms back into position a few times per shift.  I and a partner involved maintenance and engineering and designed a permenant platorm with adequate height and better materials. 

The platform is complete and currently in use.

Platform/Stepstool Reduction Project

The Ladder Reduction project addressed reducing all unneeded stepstools and platforms in the plant under the height of four feet.  I was instrumental in inspecting all areas of the plant, photographing each stairstep and stepstool and inspecting them for damage and wear.  I also developed an identification system labelled on each stepstool to keep it at its intended location.  I then created a Stepstool Safety Matrix to prioritize the stepstools by risk.

The Platform/Stepstool reduction progress closed a safety gap in the plant.  It has been rolled out to production, who have changed their daily audit forms to include inspecting stepstools and platforms. 

The program was hailed a sucess by Randy Spacial, Director of Safety for Pepperidge Farm.

Ladder Reduction Project

As part of the Red Belt Safety Pilot Program, my group was tasked with auditing and reducing the amount of ladders in the plant.  We recognized the inherant danger in the overuse of ladders.  We audited all ladders and isolated the tasked where no substitute could be installed.  We distributed five new WAVE machines in strategic locations around the plant as a safe alternative.

Ladders that were left in service were chained and locked.  Only employees with a need for the ladders and no alternative were issued keys.  They culture of the plant was changed over time and currently the wave machines are the primary tool where ladders were once used.

This project continues to save the plant more than 100,000 trips on ladders annually.

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