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US Safety Deserves A Pat on the Back (a preliminary one anyway)

September 24, 2012 Leave a comment

U.S. Safety Professionals deserve a pat on the back for the job they did in 2011. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics announced Thursday in a preliminary report that annual workplace fatalities fell by 81 incidents in the past year.

What does this mean?  We are improving the safety of the American workplace.

The report also highlights some interesting trends worth noting.  41% of all work related fatalities in 2011 were involving traffic incidents, with truck transportation fatalities climbing by 14% alone.

17% of all work related fatalities dealth with violent, deliberate actions (a.k.a. On-The-Job homocide, animal attacks, or suicide).

On a favorable note, deaths in the private construction sector decreased by 7%.  Safety messages and practices are getting through to more employees.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics publishes their preliminary numbers in late summer/early fall.  The final report is issued in the spring of the following year.  Traditionally the adjusted, final report is within 3% of the preliminary report.  The report in its entirety can be found at

So preliminarily (if that is truly a word) the US Safety Industry deserves a pat on the back, that is, unless you are in transportation with a beef against someone you work with.  Then all bets are off.